Dr. Thao T. Buu, O.D.

Dr. Thao T. Buu graduated with honors from University of California, Berkeley, School of Optometry in 1995, and cum laude UC Irvine, B.S., in 1991. Having been in practice for many years, Dr. Buu has extensive experience in all aspects of eyecare. She provides general and contact lens exams, and co-management for LASIK and other refractive corrective surgeries.

She is a Certified Therapeutic Optometrist; trained to identify eye diseases and to prescribe drugs to treat certain eye conditions, such as red eyes, itchy eyes, inflammations, allergies and infections.

The gift of sight is so precious and I feel it is my responsibility to be thorough in my examination. Some patients may say: I only need a new pair of glasses and you don't need to do all those other tests. After explaining the importance of a complete eye exam, my patients appreciate my care because I am looking out for their best interests.

In addition to seeing general patients, Dr. Buu has an interest in pediatric examination; examining and managing children with eyeturns, lazy eyes, and eyes with high prescriptions. She utilizes glasses, contact lenses, eye patching, and coordinates with surgeons to ensure that the child’s eyes develop to their fullest capability. She's very comfortable examining children with autism, Asperger's, Down's, cerebral palsies.

Dr. Buu is also a current staff doctor at Kaiser Permanente in Santa Clara with emphasis in pediatric optometry. She is a member of The American Optometric Association, The California Optometric Association, and The Santa Clara County Optometric Society.

Dr. Buu enjoys spending time with her three children. She loves to solve Sudoku puzzles, read, travel and to go on family camping trips.


UC Berkeley Beta Sigma Kappa Honor Society

UC Berkeley California Graduate Fellowship Grant

UC Irvine Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society

UC Irvine Dean’s Academic and Services Award

Dr. Lauren Pham, O.D.

Dr. Lauren Pham completed her Doctorate of Optometry at University of California, Berkeley in 1995 after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 1990 from San Jose State University.

As a primary eyecare provider, Dr. Pham enjoys seeing patients of all ages, from children with lazy eyes to those with custom contact lens needs and to patients with advancing cataracts. She has a Therapeutic License to treat medical conditions such as red eyes, allergies, inflammations, and infections. Furthermore, she is involved in the co-management of refractive and cataract surgeries.

Dr. Pham encourages patients to have routine comprehensive eye exams. She regularly sees patients with diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and autoimmune diseases that can potentially affect the eyes. As part of her thorough care, Dr. Pham ensures that her patients have a full understanding of their eye condition and are aware of the best treatment options available.

Dr. Pham enjoys spending her leisure time with her family traveling, biking and snowboarding.

Professional Background

Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry from San Jose State University, 1990

Doctorate of Optometry degree from the University of California, Berkeley, 1995

Therapeutic and Pharmacological Agent Certification, 1997

Co-Mananagement of Refractive Surgery Certification, 1997